Be a Music Composer

Are you trying to write/compose music for a screen production, project, school anthem, etc. (as you can name it) and you sort of don’t know where to go? We got your back. You give us the task, it bears your name.

Be a Lyricist

If you have composed or written music for musical instruments and maybe you thought of adding a text for singing, you are welcome to engage us to do that for you. Sometimes lyrics brings the true colour and beauty in a music composition.

Our E-Store

We have an e-store dedicated to digital products like e-books, music scores (in zip files) and Yamaha styles. Our e-store contains free and paid downloads.

Transcribe a Music

If you have a musical work written by hand in sol-fa notation or staff notation, and you wish to put it on ‘A4 or PDF’ or in any digital format, we are here for that.

Arrange/Harmonize Music

We know you have that great music idea up there, and maybe you want it for a choir/choral group/school, etc. Just suddenly, you realized that it needs other parts in order for it to be full/complete or performed by a chorus choir, and you do not know how to go about it. Hey! We got your back, you’ll love it. Just give us the melody line and that’s all.