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A & M 118

1. AT the Cross her station keeping
Stood the mournful Mother weeping,
Where he hung, the dying Lord;
For her soul, of joy bereaved,
Bowed with anguish, deeply grievèd,
Felt the sharp and piercing sword.

2. O how sad and sore distressèd
Now was she, that Mother blessèd
Of the Sole-begotten One!
Deep the woe of her affliction,
When she saw the Crucifixion
Of her ever-glorious Son.

3. Who, on Christ’s dear Mother gazing
Pierced by anguish so amazing,
Born of woman, would not weep?
Who on Christ’s dear Mother thinking
Such a cup of sorrow drinking,
Would not share her sorrows deep?

4. For his people’s sins chastisèd,
She beheld her Son despisèd,
Scourged, and crowned with thorns entwined;
Saw him then from judgement taken,
And in death by all forsaken,
Till his spirit he resigned.

5. O good Jesu, let me borrow_
Something of thy Mother’s sorrow,
Fount of love, Redeemer kind,
That my heart fresh ardour gaining,
And a purer love attaining,
May with thee acceptance find.