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A & M 203

1. O LOVE, who formedst me to wear
The image of thy Godhead here;
Who soughtest me with tender care
Through all my wanderings wild and drear:
O Love, I give myself to thee,
Thine ever, only thine to be.

2. O Love, who ere life’s earliest dawn
On me thy choice hast gently laid;
O Love, who here as Man wast burn,
And wholly like to us wast made:
O Love, etc.

3. O Love, who once in time wast slain,
Pierced through and through with bitter woe;
O Love, who wrestling thus didst gain
That we eternal joy might know:
O Love, etc.

4. O Love, who once shalt bid me rise
From out this dying life of ours;
O Love, who once o’er yonder skies
Shalt set me in the fadeless bowers:
O Love, etc.