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As regeneration beings the new life the soul when it is born again by the spirit. Justification deals with the new attitude of God towards that soul. Adoption admits man into the family of God with filial joy to our father God. Regeneration is a changed nature, justification is a changed standing, sanctification is a changed character while adoption is a changed position. Gal.4:5, 7.


a. Adoption is a Greek word which means, “the placing of a son”. Rom.8:15, “But ye have received the spirit of adoption…..”
b. The private act of receiving a stranger into the family as a son. Eph.1:5, “Having predestined us unto the adoption of children….”
c. The public, legal ceremonial act of recognizing the son as the heir of the family. Exo.2:10, Heb.11:24.


a.    They become objects of God’s peculiar love. Jn.17:23. “and hast loved them as thou hast loved me….
b.    They become objects of the father’s fatherly care. Lk.12:27-33
c.    The have the family name. I Jn.3:1
d.    They have the family likeness. Rom.8:29
e.    They have the family love. I Jn.3:14
f.    They have the filial spirit. Rom.8:15
g.    They have the family gathering. Jn.14:23
i.    They receive fatherly comfort. II Cor.1:4
j.    They partake the father’s inheritance. I Pet. 1:4

Conclusion: We ought to love, worship and serve God whole heartedly and show our love towards one another. Jn.13:14, Jn.15:17.