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Ahavah (pronounced ah-uh-vahˈ – appeared in The 24 Elders), also referred to as Father, The Most High and Holy Father is the creator of all living things in Ab-Olam. Yeshua his only Son named him “Ahavah”. He first existed as a mysterious planet, and then gave birth to the first living man; Yeshua, who became his Son. Ahavah’s intention was to live in his Son or exist as his Son; Yeshua. All his dreams were to make a perfect life and happiness for Yeshua. Somehow, Yeshua committed suicide which terminated Ahavah’s plan to live in him. So, Ahavah was filled with great regret and planned to revive his Son. However, the death of Yeshua made Ahavah a god who can create living things. Luckily, he discovered a way to bring Yeshua back to life, which resulted to the creation of other creatures (24 Elders, Archangels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Angels, Baby Angels, Animals, Humans, etc.). His original plan was not to retain his creatures after getting his Son back, but along the line; he finds his creatures more interesting that he decides to carry them along in his existence. He lives and sits on his throne in Ab-Olam, waiting for the day Yeshua will inherit his Powers.