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The angels (appeared in The 24 Elders) are the last group of creatures by Ahavah, most of them are in the image of a woman. Their number is so numerous that it will be inaccurate to know their exact number. They have two forms; a ‘human-like form without wings’, and a ‘human-like form with two and three wings’ base on their clan origin; their wings come on them every time they are at Mizbeach-Halal, but whenever they’re in their Territory; they are exactly like a human (wear clothes like trousers, shoes, gowns, suits, etc. like a human today). They have the same race-type/appearance according to their clan origin. The angels can sleep, be weak and can eat. Food like fruits, drinks, leaves, etc. (except meat) does not give them strength, it only add fine tastes to their tongue and they do this only when celebrating or making merriment. However, the presence of Ahavah serves as their real food, because without it, they will become very weak. They can live for millions of years without Ahavah’s presence and without being very weak. But if they do that (without Ahavah’s presence) for up to twelve billion years (Shamayim‘s time), they will be too weak to walk. In addition, the presence of Ahavah not only gives them strength to live for twelve billion years but also gives them great moment of pleasure (like the pleasure humans have during sex) that the angels are eager to be at his presence at due time. Unlike any other creature, the angels are flexible; that is, they can be given extra powers and be like an Archangel. They live in the territories of their clan origin.