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Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh

Born – September 24, 1949
Years Active – 1969 to 2016
Nationality – Nigeria
Spouse – Deaconness Martha Kanyaa Tombari Dodoh
Children –  PatienceRevival,
                   and Favour
Sons In-Law – Godswill S. Jumbo, Barifaala Koate

Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh was born into the family of Late Mr. Michael Bunudum Dodoh and Mrs. Hannah Dodoh on the 24th day of September 1949, in Bodo City, Gokana Local Government Area, Rivers, Nigeria. He was the first son of the family but the 3rd child of six (6) children. He was humble, obedient and hardworking child to his parent, siblings and relatives. He was a top gallant and brave son of his father, always accepting responsibilities and equal to tasks when duties call. His parents brought him up in the ways of God in The Apostolic Church Bodo City and taught him how to pray from childhood.


  • Apostle Dr. E. T. Dodoh (JP) attended The Apostolic Primary State School 2 Bodo in 1960. In his class four (4) when there was no money for school fees to continue his basic education; he dropped and travelled to Cameroun for fishing in 1964 with Kaagage and came back in 1965. He went to Cameroun again in 1965 with Kpekpe Gberebagha together with an Ijaw man being the frontier man as young as he was, and despite the emotional trauma of having to abandon his education that he so much treasured, he patiently did his job with modesty and unpretentiousness. He returned in 1966 due to Nigeria civil war. It was during this trip he came in contact with a member of the Jehovah’s Witness and converted him to be a Christian who later became an Apostle in the body of Christ under TAC Maritime Territory. He came back and met his class mates in class six (6) and joined them to study for just three (3) months and took his first school leaving exam and made the best result in 1968 during the civil war. Indeed his intellectual was prodigiously luminous.
  • In 1973, he succeeded in an examination with others to Bible collage ECWA- Evangelical Churches of West Africa at Aba. He studied there for four (4) years and obtained a Bible College Diploma with an award of the best and outstanding student from Rivers State in 1977.
  • He sat for GCE (O level) and made his five (5) credits in one sitting in 1978.
  • He got Diploma in Business Administration from National Correspondence College in Aba 1978.
  • In 1988, he wrote Jamb and got admission into The University of Port Harcourt to study Secretarial Administration and was ordered to stop his secular education by the then Rivers Field Council for no reason after having his salary seized for one year that he was not able to pay his fees or feed his family.
  • He attended TATS (The Apostolic Theological Seminary) and got his B.A. (second class upper Division) 4th December 1999.
  • He attended TENNESSEE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY and got Master of Theology (M.Th) 7th October 2000.
  • He attended Cornerstone University and Theological Seminary- Jerusalem, Israel and got the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Theology) 7th August, 2004.
  • He attended the Eagle Chaplain Corps- Reformers while in Yenagoa Headquarters at no. 1 Tom Adigwu street, opp. DLA Office Asaba Delta State, and graduated as a Chaplain Commandant 12th December 2012.

Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh got married to his beloved wife; Deaconess Martha E. T. Dodoh of blessed memory and the marriage was blessed with Children and grand- children.

Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh J.P. was born and baptized in The Apostolic Church and was an active member, a one-time choir master, and an active member of the Witness and Evangelical team. God revealed to him in 1967 through a vision when they were in a prayer section in the vestry of Bodo, The Apostolic Church during an Evangelical Night Vigil. He fell into a trance and saw this scripture, written on the wall of the vestry, it reads

“Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nations that knew not thee shall run unto thee because of the LORD thy God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he hath glorified thee” Isaiah 55:5,
(He named his son “Holyone,” signifying this call). Indeed, it is a mystery.
In his diary, he wrote this,

I will do greater service to God, if the Lord grants me greater grace. I request from God the nine (9) gifts of the Holy Spirit 1Cor. 12:4-11, the nine (9) fruit of the Holy Spirit Gal. 5:22-23 and all the virtues of the Holy Spirit. I want God to use me to convert men and women, children and adult, black and white, and every living soul that comes across my way into the Kingdom of God and God to grant me the grace to be a MIGHTY PILLAR in the Kingdom of God and His Christ and MY SEED AFTER HIM. My motto for this ministry is “SOULS TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD”. My references Isaiah 55:5, John 9:4. Also, Psalm 91: 1-16 shall be my everyday aphorism.

Ever since then Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh was very much used by God to convert many souls to Christ and he established so many churches under The Apostolic Church Maritime Territory.

Apostle Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh also served in different capacities and positions in The Apostolic Church and other Christian fold such as:

  1. An Elder 1969 – 1970
  2. A Worker 1971-1974
  3. Probation Pastor 1975-1978
  4. He was ordained as a Pastor on 16th day of December 1979, by the then Rivers field of The Apostolic Church Council.
  5. Senior Pastor in 1988
  6. District Pastor
  7. Section Supervisor
  8. Area superintendent 2004
  9. Secretary to Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Gokana Chapter.1999 – 2003
  10. He was ordained as an Apostle on the 11th day of December 2002.
  11. He travelled to Israel in 2009 January and was given J.P. (Jerusalem Pilgrimage).
  12. Deputy Chairman of CAN/ CPFN Yenagoa Chapter Bayelsa State 2012-2013
  13. Chaplain Commandant Yenagoa Branch 2012-2013.
  14. TAC Maritime Territory Witness Leader till death.
  15. TAC Maritime Territory Women Adviser, December 2014 till death.
  16. TAC Maritime Territory Welfare Chairman till death.

He pastored the following Assemblies, Districts and Areas of The Apostolic Church Maritime Territory:

  1. He was called into office as an elder at Bodo City in 1969-1970.
  2. He was posted to Nwebiara as a worker by the then Field Council in January 1971
  3. He was transferred from Nwebiara to Sime Tai December. 1972.
  4. In 1973 He succeeded in an examination with others to Bible College; Evangelical churches of West Africa (ECWA) at Aba Abia State and during his vacation he served in some of the following Apostolic stations within the period of four (4) years:
  5. The Apostolic Church Kalebue
  6. The Apostolic Church Eemuu
  7. The Apostolic Church Oloko
  8. The Apostolic Church Yae
  9. The Apostolic Church Luubaala
  10. The Apostolic Church Luekue
  11. The Apostolic Church Bunu-bangha
  12. The Apostolic Church Luegbo-beeri etc.
  13. On completion of his theological studies he was transferred to Ihugbogo & Odiemenyi in Ahoada Area 1977
  14. He was transferred on his second missionary journey to Nwebiara under Biara District in 1979.
  15. He was transferred from Nwebiara to Bori in February 1980.
  16. He was transferred from Bori to No. 2 Ojoto February 1982.
  17. He was transferred from No. 2 Ojoto to Rumuokwurushi 17th February 1989.
  18. He was transferred from Rumuokwrushi to Korokoro 3rd February 1994.
  19. He was transferred from Korokoro to Deken February 1998.
  20. He was transferred from Deken to Deeyor February 2002.
  21. He was transferred from Deeyor to Bonny 1st Area Superintendent February 2004.
  22. He was transferred from Bonny to No. 2 Ojoto Area second missionary journey February 2006.
  23. He was transferred from No. 2 Ojoto to Umuokwa Area February 2008.
  24. He was transferred from Umuokwa to Taabaa Area 18th February 2010.
  25. He was transferred from Taabaa to Yenagoa Area 24th February 2012.
  26. He was transferred from Yenagoa to Eleme Area 21st February 2014.
  27. He was transferred from Eleme to Elele Area 30th January 2015.
  28. He was transferred from Elele to Kpor Area 29th January 2016, there he ended his ministry and left it in the hand of the Area council, officers and members of Kpor Area.

Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh was in Kpor Area as the Kpor Area Superintendent when God called him home to glory. He has always been actively involved in all Church activities; he made sure that all the weekly activities in the Church were always functioning. He never missed morning prayers 5:00am and every other activities especially Bible study, Evangelism and witness movement.  One week before he fell sick, he had seven (7) days fasting and prayer with the officers and prayer band members, and sent them ‘two by two’ into the town to preach the Gospel to the lost and backsliders, and bring them to the Church which they did and some souls were won to Christ, he asked them to carry the work ahead for it is a command from the Master (God),

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature, Mark 16:15.

He was on duty till he died. Emmanuel Dodoh was a great evangelist who made sure his children and house-hold were all born again, he taught them the word of God and organized family Bible study where he had time to talk with his children using the Word of God.

R-L: Emmanuel Dodoh with Pastor OlutolaGuest Speaker @ Lawna Convention Thursday 7th August 2014

Apostle Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh was indeed a man with desirable, attractive and enviable character, this made lots of people to crowd around him. He was indeed a father to many nations, different tribe and clans. He was a philanthropist; due to his good works and miracles he was performing in the early 80s, the sick were healed, the demon-possessed and lunatic were delivered by the help of the Holy Spirit. Some of these ones came back with gifts like job opportunities in oil companies and many industries of which he offered them to some brothers he took as sons. Among the gifts given to Emmanuel Dodoh; were plots of land which he single-handedly gave to the church for more expansion of churches.  Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh lived a selfless life for the benefit of all, both the church and all those who came in contact with him, without discriminating any. He had also empowered so many people in both business and craftsmanship. He normally donate food and other items to the widows, poor and less privileged at home and his resident in Port Harcourt.

SETTLEMENT OF DISPUTES: He counsel singles and married couples who were separated for years and through the help of God they were happily rejoined. He settled controversies between families and group of persons both in the Church and in the society.

INTERMEDIATE BETWEEN COMMUNITIES AND CHURCHES: He also acted as a mediator between communities and their chiefs during communal crises such as Deken and Deeyor communal crisis, also Korokoro community had a terrible crisis in year 1994 which everyone ran out of the community living only the family of HRH Chief G.N.K. Gininwa, Gbene Mene Tua Tua Tai but Apostle E.T. Dodoh said God has not ask him to run   and truly God through him brought back the Community of Korokoro back in place which is a history in the Land today and many other neighboring communities/ villages he had pastored. TAC Ojoto once had crisis which no pastor was accepted by the people to make peace but when Apostle E.T. Dodoh was sent to them, he worked in partnership with the Holy Spirit to bring back that Church into The Apostolic Fold, Etc.

He also abolished some evil traditions that were not given God glory which was causing havoc to the living inhabitant of some places he pastored. Emmanuel Dodoh changed names of people whose name were connected to a demonic deities. Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh was the one who also initiated the idea of pastor’s care and that Widows (late pastors wives) should be paid a stipend in The Apostolic Church Maritime Territory which is now effective in all the areas in the Territory today.

Apostle E.T. Dodoh was a very good fisherman inherited from his father and God told him that He (God) will make him fishers of men but it will interest you to note that despite the revelation and signals Apostle E.T. Dodoh had, which was mentioned earlier and other revelations from his mother and others; he never wanted to be a Pastor in his life time though. In 1969 after the civil world war he came to the City of Port Harcourt with his friends, amongst them was Late Mr. Felix Kiimayieke Kpai Fr. Director marketing Dept. Radio Rivers, Late Mr. Furubel and others to get a job. The night breaking the day of their interview with the Government, he had another revelation that he found himself among Apostles singing this song:


Translated: Walking with God is good; it is expedient of everyone to walk with God; come and walk with Him.

After the chorus, He was then told to go back home that the Apostles are looking for him. It was at this point Apostle Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh told his friends that he actually got a call by God to fish souls for Christ, so he traveled back home and started his ministry.

EVANGELICAL MINISTRY: Apostle Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh as a young lad had a burning desire for God’s work and he worked passionately to expand the Kingdom of God. His ministry was such a blessing to his generation. In the early 80s, when He was pastoring at The Apostolic Church No. 2 Ojoto str. Port Harcourt he preached the good news of the Gospel of Christ to all races. Through his Friend late Mr. Felix Kpai an opportunity was given to him to minister on Radio Rivers; Channel 99.1 FM. Apostle Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh also extended his messages to the prison, he recruited an evangelical group that do accompany him in sharing the good news from prison to prisons. Through him a chance was created in the prison yard for TAC to preach the Gospel in the prisons at Port Harcourt, Ikot ekpene prison in Akwa Ibom State and Aba prison yard in the early 1980s when he was still within Port Harcourt Zone, and many received Christ in these prisons. God used him in so many other ministries like ‘bus ministry’, and he also conveyed the gospel to both members and non-members in their houses through personal evangelism. He always train/equip youths in every station he had practically stayed for evangelism and other workshops. Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh (JP) had also written so many books to facilitate the propagation of the gospel.

DELIVERANCE/HEALING MINISTRY: Apostle Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh also carried the Gospel to the sick in the hospitals and they received healing and deliverance and many gave their lives to Christ.  Countless number of people has been freed from satanic bondage through his ministry many cured from all kinds of diseases even HIV/Aids cases, a man bleeding like woman who was also healed by God through him and countless numbers were raised from dead to life. Both mad people healed of their madness. Barren women were blessed with fruits of the womb, etc.

SPIRITUAL AWAKEN: God has used Apostle Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh to bring back so many lost souls in many churches and which increased the population of the church. When he was transferred to Rumuokwurushi, he met just a single family due to the crises that earlier happened in the church which made many to leave the church, but by the grace of God through him the church was filled to greater capacity that 5:00am morning prayers were like a Sunday morning service because of the population. He was the first minister to have three (3) services on Sundays at no. 2 Ojoto in the early 80s and there was always an over-flow in all the services, people fill the church both inside and outside. God has used him to revive and awaken so many lives spiritually and physically. Many have received baptism of the Holy Spirit through his ministry. A father that was always against carnally minded Christians.

MENTORSHIP MINISTRY: Apostle Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh was greatly used by God to raise many ministers, some of which are Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors, Missionaries, Elders, Deacons, and Deaconesses etc. both in the Apostolic Church Maritime Territory and other Territories and ministries. Some are general overseers of their own ministries both home and abroad.

CHURCH PLANTING/ESTABLISHMENT: God also used him to build many temples and projects. The Apostolic Church Dim temple was his idea amidst disagreement by the Elders who said, “how can the structure of the temple be made in storeys?” But it was later appreciated which today many other churches have copied that pattern of building, and many other temples and projects he also did.

CRUSADES/REVIVAL MINISTRY: Great crusades have been hosted by this great man of God through which countless souls have been added to the body of Christ. God has performed great miracles through the hand of His servant in those crusades; one of which rain fell around the community but couldn’t reach the crusade ground and other signs and wonders performed by God through him.

God has been so faithful to his calling and has used His servant to open about thirty churches which is listed below under adversity and some other ones which he co-opened with other ministers which will not be listed for that was a team work.

Churches established by Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh (JP) under The Apostolic Church Maritime Territory.


In all ramifications, it is very obvious that Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh has indeed contributed immensely in the growth and development of The Apostolic Church Maritime Territory’s Glorious Vision both spiritually, physically, in soul winning and otherwise.

L-R: Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh and Deaconness Martha Kanyaa T. Dodoh (wife). 2014, 7th August @ The Apostolic Church Lawna Convention

Two weeks before his death, he prayed with all his children, blessed and gave them gifts as a token of divine blessing to each of them. He then made this statement

“My mission is fulfilled and completed; I do not think God has more work for me in this Territory again. My children, I pray that God should strengthen your Faith for the journey is not easy, people will talk all sorts of things but never should any of you defile all I have taught you.”

The children were so blinded to know what he was talking about. When he fell ill, he commanded his children not to let anyone know about his ailment, even refused to let his ministers and brethren to know about it by taken an emergency leave, because if they do, maybe God may answer their prayers and would have extended his exit. His children suggested to him to be admitted in the hospital but he refused, instead he said,

“My God will save me.”

It was when he knew that the situation was highly critical that nothing would stop him from dying that he began to call out to his ministers about his ailment. Prayers were rendered, but to no avail. When he was unable to walk fine because of his weakness, he called his children on the ‘last Sunday’ that he ‘lived’ at his home in Port Harcourt and said to them

“Today I will attend service. Then tomorrow take me to the hospital for treatment for God has answered your prayers.”

His children were worried and persuaded him to relax only for that Sunday, because he barely could walk. Some were somehow okay for accepting to be admitted in the hospital the next day. With a smile on his face he said,

“All right, I have heard you, “Nenkai” (calling one of his son) take ₦1000 note from my portfolio and drop it as offering on my behalf today, then ask your Pastor to come and see me for I have something important to tell him.”

It was later that his children realized that he accepted the hospital care because he doesn’t want to die in the house to put more sorrows or burden on them. Emmanuel Dodoh was taken to the hospital on Monday and on Friday night he told his daughter not to worry that he would take a journey to the other place, but she didn’t understand. The next day been Saturday 7th May 2016 he died before his Son Holyone (at his arrival to the sickbed his father was laid).