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TEXT: 1TIM 4:16

1. MEANING: Greek Baptizo: meaning buried, emerge cover, Col. 2:12. Buried with him in Baptism. A symbol of death, burial and resurrection.

It signifies washing away of sin Rom.6:3-9 renewal, regeneration.

Titus 3:5. Baptism does not save us from sin or hell fire doom but a good conscience toward God by the resurrection
of Jesus Christ.


2.1. A new believer shall undergo a training in a baptismal class to enable him to know what he is going to pass through. In this class he will be taught Salvation, Tenets, rules of conduct and belief.
2.2. He pays in advance for his baptismal certificate and membership card.
2.3. The minister shall search for water. Acts. 8:36-39. Enough water to cover the candidate.
2.4. Before the baptism the candidates shall be tested on the Tenet and Rules of the church.
2.5. Before going to the river side or Baptismal pool, the minister hall read from the ministers manual the scriptural passages for baptism, show the candidates their position before the minister while in the water.
2.6. They shall then sing some familiar church choruses on showing reboot to the water point.
2.7. A change of dressing is encouraged: The Minister should teach the candidate how to dress during baptism.
2.8. Before entering the water each candidate should make a confession of his faith.
2.9. Upon this confession the minister immerses the candidate in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Ensuring that the water covers to the head and lift him up. As a priest who is physically fit, be conscious of those who shall be baptized with the spirit.
2.10. The minister shall pray before and after the baptism while in the water with benediction.
2.11. The candidates are then congratulated by the escorts
2.12. The candidates walk in recession to the church.
2.13. Choruses: Testimony of Salvation by two or three candidates.
– offerings
– closing prayer and
– Benediction by the minister.

N/B: Ensure that the candidates received his or her Baptismal Certificate duly signed. Don’t sell but give.