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Basic Hygiene to be Observed Before Cooking

HANDS: First things first, your hands must be washed under regular water and be kept clean always as this part of the body is responsible for handling food and kitchen utensils.

FINGER NAILS: These should always be kept clean and short as dirt can easily lodge under them and be transferred to the food thereby causing food poisoning.

HAIRS ON YOUR HEAD: Your hair must be washed regularly and kept covered with suitable kitchen hat or net to prevent loose of hair falling unto the food.

NOSE: Your nose should not be touched when handling food. If by accident you touched your nose, make sure you wash your hands properly before continuing.

MOUTH: Your mouth also harbours large numbers of bacteria therefore the mouth or lips must not be touched or to taste food. If you want to taste your food, make sure you use a disposable spoon and dispose after use.

COSMETICS: Do not use cosmetics when cooking.

SMOKING: Do not touch or smoke cigar in the kitchen while cooking.

KITCHEN UTENSILS: Always keep your kitchen utensils and pots clean, and store them in a cool and dry place.

BEFORE COOKING: Before you cook, make sure all the required ingredients are available and ready so that you don’t bypass the time you’re supposed to add some ingredients. Doing this will prevent your food from been overcooked or taste bad.