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Burial services are conducted in so many ways according to the peoples custom; but The Apostolic Church has her ways and method for burial according to our Minister’s Manual. The scripture readings differ in burying a corps; a child, cremation and memorial service for those whose corpse are not seen or die in Diaspora Programme: The programme should be prepared for orderliness. Follow after the minister’s manual.

There is a provision for the burial of a member: The aged, a child and unbelievers; Create an order of service that will suit the burial from the Minister’s manual.

Follow the readings according to the Minister’s Manual: The minister should be in the official attire. The date of the burial must be agreed by both the church and the bereaved family: The Chief mourner and the family should entertain the minister and the mourners. The minister should not demand an excessive rite before accepting the burial. If the mourners are served the Pastor should be served also. Where the people are poor and cannot host the visitors; the Pastor should not request any entertainment rite. Elders are there to do so. Study the manual by reading it fluently. Pray for the bereaved family, conduct the memorial service on Sunday after the burial.