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Can Yoga Help Me Quit Smoking?

Smoking causes cancer; we all know that. Did we also know that even if you manage to tackle cancer and death, smoking would still have many adverse consequences on your body? Avid smokers can’t:
– run as fast as non-smokers,
– lift as much as non smokers or
– breath as well as non-smokers.

Smokers age faster, deal with bone deformation, organ failure, back pain, sleeplessness and many other things.

The most serious thing to consider is that tobacco kills almost 6 million people every year. Make no mistake about it. You need to quit smoking right now. There are countless remedial measures on document for that but as the average smoker would tell you, they usually don’t work.

Fortunately, yoga presents itself as a fairly reliable solution to the problem. Moreover, if you’re trying something else like sunflower seeds or nicotine patches, yoga will act as a great boost.

Not smoking ever again is one of the hardest if not the hardest resolves one will ever have to make and it requires a lot of will power. Yoga will help you increase your ‘willpower reserves’. Chronic pains, fatigue, ailments and above all, lack of peace directly affect one’s will power. Fortunately, yoga counters all of the above mentioned and puts you in a better position to resist a smoke for a longer period of time, and hopefully forever.

Quitting smoking can lead to much emotional stress and even withdrawal symptoms, especially if you’re a heavy smoker or have been smoking for a long time. Yoga provides some much needed relief here; yoga naturally fights headaches, irritability, anxiety and yoga poses improve the health of skin, body systems and organs that are effected by smoking and have become dependent on a supply of nicotine.

Smoking affects almost every part of your body; the damage extends from lungs to skin, to hair, to heart, to brain, to fingers, to muscles, to basically every part of the body. Yoga helps make all the above mentioned parts of the body strong and reverses any damage that they may have incurred.

Yoga poses regarded as most effective when it comes to quitting smoking include sukshasana, shavasana, ardha matsyendrasana, tadasana, nadi shodhana and so on.

While yoga can boost your tobacco cessation plan greatly, it helps if you have an actual plan. You could consider eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and juices, developing a new hobby, playing sports and doing stretching exercises.

To sum it up, yoga boosts willpower and mental alertness, reverses the damage caused by years of smoking and helps deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. It helps to take additional measures to quit smoking as well which is largely all about paying your attention to developing a healthier lifestyle.