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Cherubim (pronounced cherˈ-oo-beem – appeared in The 24 Elders), also referred to as Cherubs or Cherub (singular) are the second strongest creatures after the Seraphim among the creatures of Ahavah, led by Sar-Cherub. Cherubim are the second created creatures/intelligence of Ahavah after the 24 Elders. They look like beasts; each of them having a unique form from the other, having eyes all over their body with six wings; three on the right and three on the left. Unlike the Seraphim, Cherubim cannot change from one form to another except before Ahavah’s light which they turn into pyramids or when they want to solve a serious problem. They are all male creatures majorly created for war. Like the Seraphim; Cherubim are not in their free will. These beings were created to hold and normalize any remaining destructive power inside Ahavah’s light (presence) that escaped the Seraphim’s hold. Before the Cherubs can hold Ahavah’s light, they turn into a big pyramid and emit yellow lights. Cherubim are twelve in number and are very large in size (giants). They live on the twelve rocks at Gibbor.