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Child development

Child development involves the physical, mental social and emotional growth of the child. The most noticeable aspect of development, is physical development. The rate of development differs from one child to the other.

Stages of development
The following are the significant events in the growth of children in the first month.

1. The hands will be tightly fisted or curled.
2. They stare indifferently around as the eyes cannot focus.
3. They hear sounds in the second month and in the third to fourth month.
4. They can turn their heads towards sounds and voices.
5. Cry differently to express pain or hunger.
6. Wave hands about while lying on their back.
7. Can hold head up slightly, then erect.
8. Enjoy bright colours and show excitement.
9. Can hold an object when placed in their hands in the fifth to sixth month.
10. Can raise hands when they want to be lifted.
11. Can become selective in taste.
12. Birth weight is doubled and may start teething.

In the seventh to eighth month:

1. The baby sits confidently and can crawl.
2. May start associating ideas with words.
3. Can transfer objects from one hand to the other.

In the ninth to twelfth month:

1. Understands some words and can say a few.
2. Crawls very well and stands holding onto objects then gradually stands alone.
3. Cuts more teeth.

In the second year:

1. Understands the meaning of “No”.
2. Cooperates in dressing.
3. Makes a gesture or gives a toy on request.