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Consequences of Unethical Behaviour

– Advance Fee Fraud popularly known as “419”,
– kidnapping,
– child trafficking,
– Baby Factories, and
– allied crimes have portrayed Nigeria as a country of criminals whose citizen should be treated with suspicion. The implication of unethical behavior for a country is negative image which does not augur well for international relations and business.

Unethical practices can cause income inequality by concentrating unearned wealth in the hands of a few. This is capable of breeding unemployment, crime and insecurity in a country.

Organizations risk low employee morale and even sabotage when issues relating to employment, promotion and compensation are not based on merit but on god-fatherism, religion, ethnicity or alumni relationship, and other sentiments.

Companies that are found to be unethical in their operations, can have their license revoked, fined, shutdown and in some cases acquired by the government. For employees, it can be dismissal or imprisonment.

For example Bernia Ebbers a former Chief Executive Officer of the American Firm Worldcom was jailed twenty five years for fraud, conspiracy and false filings (Searcy et al, 2005 cited in Robbins and Coulter 2007).

On the other hand organizations that operate on high ethical standards are likely to gain the trust of their employees and retain loyalty of their customers.