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Cutting out laid pattern pieces

i. Check that all the required pieces have been pinned into position and there is enough space for pieces that have to be duplicated, and for crossway stripes if necessary.
ii. Cut with long even strokes along the edge of a perforated pattern or along the thick black line of a printed pattern.
iii. When cutting, do not lift the fabric up from the cutting table.
iv. Cut the balance marks (notches) outwards from the pattern. Do not notch into the seam allowance.

Freehand cutting
Freehand cutting is cutting out fabrics without the use of ready made patterns, where all construction lines are indicated. In freehand cutting, accurate measurement is the guideline. The seamstress or tailor takes measurement of the person, writes it down, and then draw lines on the fabrics. Freehand cutting looks easier than the use of patterns; it is therefore a trial and error affair.

Dresses like buba and wrapper are cut freehand.