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Born – September 24, 1958
Years Active – 1981 to 2015
Nationality – Nigeria
Spouse – Apostle Dr. E.T. Dodoh
Children – Patience, Revival,
Goodnews, Hannah,
Holyone, Michael
and Favour
Sons In-Law – Godswill S. Jumbo, Barifaala Koate

Deaconess Martha Kanyaa Tombari Dodoh was born on 24th Sept. 1958 into the family of late Mr. Giima Sorgia of (Ga Bââga) and Mrs. Grace Gima of (Ga nòò) both of Bodo Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Martha attended School 2, The Apostolic Church Bodo City and obtained her first school leaving certificate in the year 1980.

Martha was married to Pastor Dr. E.T. Dodoh and the marriage was blessed with Nine Children, two are late being Leturebari and Barinaada (a girl & a boy) but seven survived.

Martha was born into a Christian home who worshiped with The Apostolic Church Bodo. She was Baptized by Pastor N.V. Bobah 8th July in the year 1973. She was a devoted chorister and an active witness member. She was called by God into the office of a Deaconess while serving with her husband at Bori in 1981 under the leadership of late Apostle F.N. Philips. God passed through her and initiated women choir in 1982, while serving at no. 2 Ojoto which has dominated TAC Maritime Territory today. She has been in good partnership in church planting with her husband in various Areas in TAC Maritime Territory. She was also the first deaconess to address the sisters in a field sister’s convention. She works hand in hand with her husband to pray for the sick, even when her husband is not around she stand in to pray and take care of anyone who comes with one problem or the other. She coordinates the mid-wives from one station to another to take care of the pregnant women and those seeking for the fruit of the womb, God through her has helped a lot of fruit seekers to conceive and bear children which are alive and a living witness today. She teaches, educate, chastise, instruct and encourage her children to fear God and follow the footsteps of Christ and emulate the lifestyle of their parent. Indeed she was a devoted Christian.

Her main profession was the proclamation of the Gospel. She has been carrying her children at her back when they were young accompanying the husband to crusade grounds. She was delighted in the Revival of the church and labored hard towards this direction. She frowns at any staff, officer or member who handles the work of God at levity but cheers the faithful.

However, to assist the family economically, she studied and become a seam-stress but later became a dealer on assorted mineral drinks which she handled until she died.

She preached the word of God to the women fold and counseled them to live in harmony with their husband and children. She has been a good adviser to sisters of TAC. She was humble, hardworking and respectful. She was hospitable and open-handed to every member of the church male or female. She always give wise counsel and listens to the opinion of others. She was a peace maker. Her husband always trust in her because she was straightforward, faithful, truthful and transparent. She was an ideal wife and mother of the home who never neglect the caring of the children.

L-R: Emmanuel Tombari Dodoh (husband) and Deaconness Martha Kanyaa T. Dodoh. 2014, 7th August @ The Apostolic Church Lawna Convention

Martha was sick and admitted in UPTH and the illness was subsided and she was discharged but the period everyone could thank God that the pains have gone, she was in the church service on Thursday 16th April performing her duty with the women choir that night but at 1:14AM, 17th April 2015, she suddenly passed away.