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That idea isn’t a mistake. You need to act on it right now. The thing is, every good idea we have is given to us by nature in other for life and survival to keep improving.

When you have an idea imprisoned in your head, you need to set it up immediately because in turn it will stand for you and even, it may become your only means of survival or keep improving life forever even when you’re no more. You may not be impressed by the first outcome, but please don’t give up because if you do, you’ve destroyed a generation (other valuable ideas may be born out of your little idea in the future).

It’s very important to setup that first idea even if you don’t have the resources to completely set it up, at least a start would be enough because as time goes on, the real, correct, and exact way your idea is supposed to be will be unfolding.

Idea have stages, and it never stops to develop itself which means it’s part of the universe. That’s how idea works, it keeps advancing to its real self. The most important thing is, it should get out of the cave as soon as it’s born in any possible way.

No matter how tough and rough the way may seem, do not give up; because it means you’re very close to your GOAL and those difficulties which you must overcome is the right path to your DREAMS; because facing challenges means “YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK”. Good luck…!