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Duu is a cone-shaped hollow zinc with a handle attached to its body and it is played by blowing air into it and beating the body with a stick. It is a wind instrument played like a horn, because it has no removable or flexible reed or mouthpiece like the trumpets and saxophones respectively. Duu is divided into three parts they are: Pop Duu (Bass), Kem Duu (Tenor) and Nwin Duu (Alto). It has a special way of placing the mouth on the embouchure in order to produce sound. However, the sound production and compass (i.e. pitch range) of Duu depends on the player’s voice range, so there is no fixed pitch on the instrument. Two players can play one Duu on different pitches without going off because the shape of the instrument will force the sound to either be in a lower or higher tune. It originates from Kēlē ensemble.

It can be represented on the staff as follows:

The lower staff represents the body of Duu which is played with a stick and the upper staff represents the hollowed part which is played by blowing air into it.