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“He that believeth on the son had everlasting life, and he that believeth not the son shall     not see     life, but the wrath of God abideth on him”. Jn.3:36

One of the most meaningful and glorious phrases that ever were uttered     is that which     was so     often upon the lips of Jesus Christ- “eternal life”. One of the most     awful and appalling     phrases     ever uttered is this other that Jesus uses in our text; “the wrath of God”. It is between these two     that each of us is called to take his choice.


a. Eternal life is fullness of life. Jn.10:10. It is full of beauty, peace, satisfaction, joy and glory.
b. Eternal life is a life of the highest knowledge. Jn.17:3
c. Eternal life is the life of God. Endless life from the Holy, blessed God, the infinite life imparted to us. I Jn.1:2

THE WRATH OF GOD – what is it?

a. It is the intense and settled displeasure of the infinite Holy Being who created us and all things. Jn.3:36.
b. It is a place of torment which the creator shall sentence the unbeliever to go and suffer. Lk.16:23.
c. It is the place of the ungodly where they will inherit until eternity. Rev.20:13-15.

The final decision lies in the hand of the individual.

a. One can decide to go into eternal life, by accepting Christ as Saviour and Lord. Jn.3:16.
b. The other person can decide to go into condemnation by rejecting Christ and go into eternal punishment. John 3:18.              

Conclusion: Any final decision on the side of the individual can be taken, when one is alive because whatever choice that person makes must surely affect his future life beyond the grave. Acts 4:12.