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Features of Political Parties

There are certain features common to all political parties irrespective of the political system they operate.

1. It is an organisation with a hierarchical structure and set of procedures.

2. Whatever the nature of the political system, parties generally seek to win, expand and consolidate their political support.

3. One of the most important characteristics of political parties is the selection of credible members of political system to contest elections under their political parties for the purpose of controlling and managing the entire governmental structure.

4. All political parties have members. Members of a party are those registered with the party and contribute funds for the running of the party and even carry a membership card. Only registered members of a party take part in nominating candidates and deciding party policies.

5. All political parties have a set of rules and regulations guiding their operations. The constitution of a party stipulates the manner of conduct of internal party elections, the holding of conventions or congresses and the discipline of members.