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Food to Avoid

Certain food are very detrimental to the system, eating food such as mangoes, pawpaw, such person should avoid taking sugary-soft-drinks, for this can lead to sudden death or serious typhoid fever due to acidic content because when it react with the sugary-soft-drink, it can affect the heart. Try to follow the advice below:

a. After eating wall nut do not take tablets immediately.
b. Too much intake of salt (sodium chloride) may however speed up the unset of hypertension in most cases.
c. Avoid Vegetable leaves washed with salt.
d. Avoid the intake of biscuits made with baking powder.
e. Avoid too much hot drink without food as may lead to death.
f. Avoid Cigarette smoking places, you may be at risk of thrombosis coronary (heart attack).
g. Avoid too much contraceptic pills as well as too much pepper fruit as enough of everything is a disease.