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TEXT: REV. 3:6-8

Looking at the theme; “I am that God that openeth closed door”, you will quickly notice that “the opening of closed doors”, is the main focus of that information. It is an activity that involves no man’s involvement. In fact, God Himself has the power and propensity to the opening of closed doors.

The book of Revelation reveals four (4) four of these great doors:

· The door of service (3:8)
· The door of the human hearts (3:20)
· The door of Rapture (4:1)
· The door of the second coming (19:11)

It is like God has assuredly spoken His mind and revealed His plans; He is The God that opens closed doors. And He has done that already. We are left with the remaining task, hence our


Yes, the open door placed before us (like the Philadelphian Church), suggests to us the opportunities. We just have to gain or seize these opportunities , so that the will not elude or pass us by. God wants to enrich the church. We have been poor in most Areas. To be “P.O.O.R” also means to “Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly” this must stop in Jesus name.!


In the book of Revelation, Jesus Christ is

ACTIVE: He speaks, moves, conquers, judges and rules.
He commands John to copy His dictation and to send it to the seven churches of Asia, which we believe that each of the seven churches represents a period of the church in history.
The church in Philadelphia, where our text comes from, was in this city built by a king of Pergamum called Attalus Philadelphus who named it after himself.
It was centre of pagan worship dictates that the philosophy, religion and immorality of the large City of Athens were present in Philadelphia.
The word “Philadelphia” means ‘brotherly love’. But then, it typifies the revival Church of today. it is an appropriate description for a church whose people are patient, faithful to their calling and diligent in service. No wander, Jesus Christ revealed Himself as the God that opens closed door.


Bear in mind, that the open here is nothing but opportunities. Divine Opportunities of open doors –

These could be seen in:

a. The proclamation of the gospel (2nd Cor. 2:12)
b. The political attempt for leadership (Prov. 29:2)
c. The physical support for the church (Luke 7:25)

i. Like in the Electronic media
ii. Like in using Christian Youths
iii. Like in creating internal Ministries for our men within the church, etc..

1. Through divine strength (verse 8b). Isa. 40:28-31
This verse shows that we can gain Divine Opportunities through Divine strength. Where human strengths fails or stops, and what it cannot attain, Divine strength does. The Philadelphian Church does not have enough strength that on their own could see them through to the open door and the opportunities have come. Men, we on our own will gain nothing at the opportunities God has given to us. Only God gives strength that is strong to carry whatever. “If thou faint in the day of adversity, the strength is small”. (Prov. 24:10) we need to be strong to withstand the enemies of the open doors.

2. Through divine stability (verse 8d) Jude 24
Again, we need to take up these opportunities from the Lord through our being stable. “A rolling stone gather’s no mud”. We don’t hit and run. We need to be stable. Some have falling falling from the faith. Others are tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrines. The Philadelphian brethren stood, they did not deny or renounce the Lord.

Standing in prayers, the word, standing in faith and fellowship. “And having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, (Eph. 6:13-14)…

Unless we stand, opportunities that the master has availed us will not be of any benefit.

3. Through Divine Service (verse 8a) Phil. 4:8
The opening line of verse eight declares: “I know thy works”. The men of The Christian Community have been very busy serving the lord. The owner of the works says, He knows. He sees. He understands. That means, He has the mark. He has the result. He has the final say.

Is our work approved, commendable or rejected? Doors are open. We have enough opportunities for the glorious tomorrow. We can be greater. We can do exploits.

Let us shun laziness and slothfulness. Let us shun eye-service and unfaithfulness. We cannot continue to be spoon-fed. Our fathers started and hand over the baton over to us. The race continues. We can achieve greater heights.


The Christian men and brethren, we have been given this great privilege to know God’s plan for us in this century and for generation unborn, If He tarries.

It is the Lord’s will to open doors for us. Are we ready to gain the opportunities of these open doors to better the kingdom of God here on earth, before the rapture?

The ball is in our court to play. This is not time to be complacent, lazy and waiting for help or manna to fall. As Christians, we are soldiers of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sir Baring Gould in 1865 wrote “Onward! Christian Soldiers”, to his Sunday school children to march to their procession through the village street of Horbury  Brig, to all the free people. People that were given opportunity of freedom.

The same way God speaks to us to use the great opportunities we have been given through Divine strength, Divine stability and Divine Service.

God bless you as you march on, gaining divine opportunities in Jesus name! Amen…!!!