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Gender in Shamayim

There are two set of genders in Shamayim; male and female angels as it is on Earth today; male and female humans (appeared in The 24 Elders). They have all the criteria with humans including breasts, hairs, faces, chests, etc. except the reproductive organ and the excretory tract (here, male and female specification is based on their outward appearances and not on reproductive organs as that of humans). They cannot reproduce themselves by any means. Nevertheless, they have feeling of agape-love for each other but not on the ground of gender. That is, a male can feel for a male and vice versa (no lustful act of romance, etc. exist in Shamayim). However, they can eat and drink, but do not excrete what they ate, because the food particles turn into a light-like form, and disappear when it get to their stomach leaving a sweet taste in their mouths. Ahavah greatly put male angels in authority than the female angels; these include the Cherubs, Seraphs, Elders and Archangels (all males). While the Archangels mostly put the female angels in position in their territories because they (female angels) were the most populated among all the angels. Ahavah did this because the male beings symbolize power/authority in his kingdom in respect to the gender of his Son.