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God’s Creative Power is Expressed in the Lives of Men

A. He brings forth new life in the hearts of men whose lives are without. spiritual form.

B. Spiritual renewal by the power of God is an essential for admittance into the Kingdom of God. John 3:5-7.

1. Paul stated that every man in Christ is a new creation. II Cor.5.17, R.S.V.
2. Paul sometimes referred to the creative renewal as a spiritual resurrection. Eph. 2 – 1, 2

C. When the sinner opens his life to God, divine creative power transforms him Lk 19. 10.

D. God brings forth new life through divine forgiveness.

1. Guilt feelings are disabling; the release of them is life-giving. Psa.38.4.
2. God brings forth new life in the heart of the believer.

E. New Spiritual Dynamics are created.

1. Paul refers to the death of t.he old human disposition and the divine creation of new one. Rom.6;6.

2 There are important dynamic systems in human personality.

a. God transforms sentiments in the new birth.

i. Sentiments are driving forces in human personality.
ii. Transformed sentiments originate new purposes.
iii. A radical change in life depends upon a radical change of sentiments.

b. God transforms attitudes in the new birth.

i. Attitudes are the spontaneous tendencies to action.
ii. The Christian lives in a state of readiness to obey Christ
iii. Zacchaeus changed his attitude toward money upon meeting Christ. Luke 19: 8.

c. God transform interests in the new birth.

i. With spiritual renewal there comes new interests and values.
ii. The quality of life depends heavily on the quality of interests. Pro.23:7.

F. Divine creativity in spiritual renewal is the result of divine-human cooperation.

1. God takes the initiative, and when man responds, the human heart is transformed by divine power.

a. Man cannot save himself, but he must respond to God
b. Divine power is effective only in lives that are open to Him in a living faith.


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