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Good Grooming

Good grooming is the ability of an individual to take proper care of his/her body especially the hair, ear, nose and nail. When this is done, it makes the person look and smell fresh all the time.

Good personal appearance, which amounts to good grooming, is a result of good health habits. Cleanliness at all times will lead to good health and appearance. An attractive and pleasing appearance can only be achieved through daily care of all parts of the body. Well brushed glossy hair, clean and clear skin, glittering teeth and sparkling eyes help one to look attractive. Therefore, cleanliness is the first law of health, because dirt encourages germs, which brings the danger of disease. Disease carrying germs thrive on dirt, so the best way of maintaining good health is to have a good knowledge and understanding of personal hygiene and put it into practice.

The hair is an important distinctive feature of an individual. Its condition, whether healthy or dull and limp, depends on how well the person looks after it.

Healthy and Attractive Hair

To have healthy and attractive hair, the following tips are useful:
1. The scalp must be kept clean and free from dead cells.
2. It should be washed with good shampoo and warm water at least once a week to keep the pores of the scalp open, in order to promote the supply of oil from sebaceous glands.
3. The surface of the scalp will become dry and form dandruff if deprived of its oil. Dandruff consists of minute flakes of dry skin which are loose and falling. To prevent this, the hair should be washed regularly to keep the scalp open and improve circulation of blood in the scalp.
4. Rub the skin of the scalp in a circular direction with the finger tips. Rinse with clean water until all traces of dandruff are removed.
5. To dry, rub the hair briskly with a clean towel. Then comb, beginning at nape of the neck and working upwards to the crown of the head.
6. Use good quality and suitable hair oil to massage the scalp with fingertips.
7. Just as the hair is regularly washed, combs and brushes should be washed each time to keep them fresh.
8. Avoid the use of other people’s combs or brushes or you may be infected by lice or ringworm.

The body is covered and protected over its surface by the skin. It is necessary to keep the skin clean and healthy, otherwise it would facilitate the entrance of germs and impurities.

The skin must be kept clean, otherwise the pores become clogged with dirt, grease and stale make-up. This causes pimples and skin blemishes. Wash with water and soap; friction will remove the grease. If possible, clean the skin twice daily with good quality toilet soap and fresh warm water. Regular use of cream, deodorants and talcum powder will prevent body odour and check perspiration.

The fingers and toenails could be sources of infection, if not kept clean. They should be washed carefully, using nail brush. The hand should be washed with soap and water after visiting the lavatory and before and after meals.

Fingernails should be kept short and clean. The condition of the nails reveals not only the grooming given to them but also the state of health of the individual.

The nails should be manicured weekly and cut or filed into a neat oval shape. If the nails are weak, grow them square to strengthen them. Remove nail polish when stale. Use hand creams to keep the hands supple or soft.

The feet are exposed to dirt more than any other part of the body and so must be washed daily or pedicured weekly. Choose shoes and socks to fit. Badly fitting shoes can injure the feet. Use a foot deodorant and rub in a little talcum powder to reduce friction between skin and socks.

1. Bath should be taken regularly and then apply talcum powder to keep the skin dry to prevent body odour. Shaving of hairs in the armpits helps cleanliness and reduces perspiration.
2. For the face, make-up is good if it is applied carefully. It protects the face from cold, heat and dry weather. It is also necessary to ‘make down’ at night before going to bed. This means removing all make-ups with cleansers.
3. Since it is sweat that causes body odour, under wears should be washed regularly, especially in hot weather, when one sweats a lot.
4. Perfumes should be used for general grooming.

A well groomed person is not a person wearing flashy and expensive clothes. Rather, to have a well groomed look, one has to take regular care of one’s body and clothes. This is enhanced by eating balanced meals at regular times, taking regular brisk exercises, having sufficient sleep and keeping the rules of healthy living and mental hygiene.

Good health shows in good teeth, smooth skin, hair free of lice and dandruff, pretty hands and well manicured nails, good posture and clean clothes. Real beauty starts and ends with good personal hygiene all the time.

Clothing gives a clue of one’s personality. It also conveys an impression of what the individual is, does and believes. A well dressed person is confident, has self respect and performs well or does well at work. However, the individual who is always ill-dressed looks timid and frustrated, and does not go well with his/her colleagues at work.

Therefore, suitable clothes should be worn to protect the body from excessive heat and cold, rain or sunshine. Underclothes should be made of a fabric which is a good conductor of heat and absorbs moisture. Clothes worn next and close to the skin absorb body odour and perspiration. They should be changed daily and washed to keep them clean and fresh. Suitable clothes to wear should be good conductors of heat in cold weather. They should also be porous to let in air, absorbent to take in body moisture, non-irritant to the body and easily washed.