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Government as an Academic Field of Study

Government is not only an institution of the State, or a process, but as an Academic field of study. Government as an academic field of study relates to the field of study called political science. Political Science as an academic discipline may be defined as a field of study that deals with the principles guiding the organisation of a State and the methods by which government makes authoritative allocation of values. Government may formulate policies or programmes for common good and to resolve conflict among the various groups that form the State. Political Science as the study of government is concerned with the systematic classification, and analysis of political processes. Political Science is offered in colleges and universities. Those who study political science, particularly at the University level, have a wide range of opportunities in work places.

The study of government as an academic discipline enables us to think more clearly about ourselves and our relationship with others. It provides insight into why there are relations of rights and duties between the government and the citizens. The study of government makes for an informed and participatory citizenry in all aspect of Local, State, National affairs of one’s country. In every democratic country, political science is therefore essential in the processes of government.