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Hakkadosh (1)

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Hakkadosh; a 19 years old young man, is kneeling on his small bed, closer to the window. A King James Version Bible is before him.


(eyes closed)
I thank you, Lord, for today. Cover me with your love and protection tonight. As I sleep, let your angels keep watch over me. Amen.
(looks at the clock; the time is 12:14 AM. He lies on the bed and sleeps)


At 04:09 AM, Hakkadosh wakes. He lies still; gazing up at the ceiling with eyes open. Dogs wail from far distances. The window is open, cool breeze lifts the curtain.


(through the mind)
I didn’t close the window? Well, I’m too weak to stand and do anything right now.
I wish to know the origin of life. Hope evolution theory is true so I won’t go to hell for any slight mistake I make here on earth.

Suddenly, Hakkadosh’s astral body rises above his physical body. He consciously struggles to move but cannot move any part of his body.

Hakkadosh sees shadows of people on the wall and hears sounds of thousands of bees.

Suddenly, Hakkadosh’s astral body enters into his physical body, he gains his consciousness and sits up immediately.


What was that? O my God I saw demons!
Thank God I overcame them.
(gets up from the bed and sits on the floor)
No, no, no, no, I can’t go back there to sleep. In fact, I’m not sleeping anymore, maybe I might die if I try to sleep.

Esther; Hakkadosh’s younger sister is watching television.


(walks into the parlour)
Hey Esther, you’re becoming addictive to movies.


So what?


Not good for you.


O my God! Hakkadosh, don’t you see I’m in the middle of something?


(sits beside Esther)
Shut up!
(Esther sighs)
Well, I think I was under attack last night.


Did they use gun or knife against you?


Never mind!




The room is dark. Hakkadosh is sleeping on his bed and after a while, he opens his eyes.


(looks at the clock, the time is 3:00 AM)
Shit! It’s three A.M.
This experience I’m having is really, really strange. They think I’m crazy for having strange experiences at night. Hmm… I’m only afraid of death, just wished to live longer.
What if reincarnation is real? Or, what if Bible story of creation isn’t true? Evolution should better be true because I believe that if evolution is true, that means reincarnation is real. In that case, if I die in this life, I’ll come back in another body. Hmm… that really would be cool; an unending life. Really cool!
(stays calm and quiet for a while)

Suddenly, Hakkadosh’s astral body rise above his physical body, he sees clouds of darkness over him, his body becomes stiff and his head vibrates slightly.

Everywhere becomes completely dark and Hakkadosh struggles with his breathing. He sees the walls of his room slightly.


(through the mind)
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
(gains his consciousness and sits up. Touches his neck)
(sits on the floor for nearly one hour)
What was suppressing me on my neck? Those demons think they can kill me or what?
(switches on the light)
Nope, I will never sleep in the dark again.
Maybe there are demons or dead people become demons after living as humans on earth. What if all these are just happening in my head?


Hakkadosh is operating the internet through his laptop on his reading table. He shares his experience in a social group titled “MYSTERIOUS ENCOUNTERS AND EXPERIENCES ” on Facebook.

Someone comments on Hakkadosh’s post and explain that what Hakkadosh is experiencing is called “OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE”


Wow! So this is a normal experience, which anyone can just have? Wow! Wow!

Hakkadosh searches about “Out of Body Experience” on the internet and learns other names for “Out of Body Experience” as “Astral Projection, Paralysis and Near Death Experience”.

Hakkadosh suddenly stumbles on an article titled “How to do Astral Projection and lucid dreams”. He starts studying and practising how to do astral projection.




(lying on his bed. The time is 4:20 AM)
Let me try to do it now.

Hakkadosh stays calm and relaxed without closing his eyes. He makes his body stays still without moving.
Suddenly, Hakkadosh’s astral body rises above his physical body and sits up.


(travels fast to the wall)
(turns and sees his physical body lying on the bed)
(walks closer to his physical body)
So, I’m dead?
(tries to touch his physical body and a magnetic field carries him into his physical body. He opens his eyes, stays calm and looks around)


Was that real?
(gets up)
Yeah!!! I did it!


Hakkadosh is lying on the bed and suddenly, his astral body floats above his physical body. He rolls out of his physical body to the floor.

Hakkadosh’s astral body walks to the wall and tries to touch it. His hand pierces through the wall and he senses the presence of the wall but cannot touch it.

Hakkadosh walks to the front of his wall clock and stares at it. The time is 4:50 AM. He turns to his physical body.


I will study my body.
(walks closer to his body and his body magnets him)


(wakes up)
Damn! I screwed it up, I shouldn’t have come closer to my body. So, my body sucks my soul like a blackhole? Hmmm…
(jumps up, goes to the wall clock, and the time is 4:54 AM)
Jesus Christ! This was real like the damn real? Jesus Christ!


Hakkadosh continues to do astral projection, studies all the trees and everything around his environment using his astral body.

Hakkadosh’s astral body travels to his neighbours’ houses and sees their astral body slightly floating above them. He becomes afraid and wakes up.

The next day, Hakkadosh learns how to fly with his astral body.