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Healing Herbs for Kidney stone, Liver disease, Staphylococcus, High blood pressure, Malaria, Diabetes, Heart disease, Asthma and cd4 booster (anti-HIV)


a.  Avocado leaves – in moderate quantity
avocado leaves

b. One Bergamot orange and leaves – small quantity of leaves
Bergamot orange and leaves

c. Apple leaves – moderate quantity
apple leaves

d. Bitter leaves (vernonia amygdalina) – moderate quantity
bitter leaves

e. Fluted Pumpkin leaves – high quantity

f. Cocoa leaves – small quantity
cocoa leaves

g. Guava leaves – moderate quantity
guava leaves

h. Garlic – One handful

i. Ginger – One handful

j. Water – Two litters of water


Wash all the above mentioned (a – i) herbs and put them in a two litters of water (j) – using a kettle or pot. Boil (not too much but allow it to boil and release steams for four minutes) and extract the water.

Dosage: Drink full cup twice or once a day after meal. Also make sure you have regular access to water and food once you start taking it.

Storage: Do not put it in plastic containers when it is hot as it could be poisonous if plastic chemicals melt into it. Instead, pour it in a metal or ceramic container and store in a fridge and slightly warm it (do not let it boil again) before drinking for the second or other times, just warm it a little bit and do not drink it cold.

Note 1: It could break you down to fever for the first time within a week or two (if your body was having hidden diseases) and rebuild your immune system again. It’s like pouring petrol on a snake or millipede, it struggles roughly and dies.

Note 2: Make sure you drink two full glasses of water when you wake in the morning, conduct exercises every morning after drinking the water, and take your breakfast about an hour later then drink the herb 30 minutes later after your meal.

Functions: It will crush Kidney stone, Staphylococcus, Liver Disease, High blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease, Malaria, Asthma and boost cd4 (anti-HIV – near cure by following below instruction).

You’ll need a Bitter-cola
bitter cola

Instruction: After taking a cup or two of the above herbs in a day, eat one Bitter-kola per day or eat half depending on body size. Please, this is not a replacement for ART (Antiretroviral Therapy – drugs for HIV treatment). However, if you’re in a tough situation where you’re unable to have access to ART, this herb will be able to help you stay fit. These herbs are able to boost cd4, excite HIV viruses from hidden places and destroy them. Go for test and have a surprised result after taking the herbs (not a total cure yet but health improvement and reduced viral-load is what you will get).

Your body could be anti-venom after taking the full dose but don’t go close to poisonous snakes, spiders or creatures in order to test your immune system against venom. It will be better to conduct such test on a rat than on yourself.

This herbs can help fight coronavirus (covid-19) along side Herbal Remedy for Coronavirus

Good luck!