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1. Heaven is a place of perfect satisfaction Rev.22:1, 2, a pure river of life, a tree with 12     kind of     fruit. A picture of perfect comfortable place of living.
2. Heaven is a place of perfect provision. Rev.22:2, the leaves of the trees for the healing     of the     nations. God has provided glorious things for His people.
3. Heaven is a place of sinlessness – perfection. Rev.22:3, no more curse in that place.     The     curse of Eden removed from man forever. the most wonderful place.
4. Heaven is a place of perfect government. Rev.22:3, ruled by God, the just one and the     Lamb.     The subjects are there to behold His wonders and to praise Him.
5. Heaven is a place of perfect service. Rev.22:3, “…..and His servants shall serve Him”.     It is a     place where service is never a burden rather very one serve with ease and with joy.
6. Heaven is a place of perfect communion. Rev.22:4, “And they shall see His face and     His     name shall be on their foreheads” the original shekaina Glory in the beginning is     restored which     enable man to see the face of God in communion.
7. Heaven is a place of perfect possession. Rev.22:4, “…..and His Name shall be in their     foreheads”. There shall be no divided loyalty. We shall belong to Him alone.
8. Heaven is a place of perfect Glory. Rev.22:5, “And there shall be no night there;…..”     This is     an indication that day and night shall have an end. We shall no more count days,     weeks, months     or years rather the door of eternity has been set open.

Conclusion: God is a perfect God and it is His will that man should live with Him in perfection.