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Herbal Remedy for African Fetish Poison

You might have heard names like

– Tomorrow too far poison
– Belt poison, etc. in Nigeria.

They are fetish poisons roaming around in Nigeria and some other parts of Africa. These poisons kill or deform its victims. However, God who made all things also made remedies for things of that nature.


Form a habit of eating a maximum of two seeds or one seed and minimum of half a seed (if you are allergic to it) of bitter kola daily and put some in your pockets always. Even if you match the fetish poison, or drink it, or shake hands with your enemy who wants to infect you, nothing will happen to you. Also, keep it around your room when you sleep. Only that it doesn’t send it back to sender, it makes the fetish poison powerless. For it to work effectively, eat and keep in pocket.