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How to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy when having Unprotected Sex (for Couples)

Ignorance has caused most wives to destroy their lives because of drug abuse, while some take lime orange mixed with potash and salt in order to avoid pregnancy. Others go straight to abortion, which is equal to murder and that is against the sacrilege of marriage and the Almighty God.

You do not need to damage your womb yet even if you’ve given birth to the last child. You do not know the future or what might happen or what is coming that may separate you from your child (God forbid), which would warrant you to have another baby. Abortion may lead to tube blockage, instead try to follow the steps below.

Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy by accurately counting your safe days as follows:

The white discharge of egg that comes out of woman before menstruation is a sure sign of ovulation in this case, immediately after the discharge; a woman should give herself one week before having unprotected sex, most women start ovulation period two weeks later after menstruation, in such case the woman should put two weeks ahead immediately she start seeing her menstruation. This is to say any day she start seeing her menstruation she should put in 14 days before having unprotected sex with her spouse in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Otherwise, try to know your ovulation period and have unprotected sex after one week.