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How to Cook Groundnut Soup in Nigeria (West Africa)


Required Ingredients

a. 400 to 600grams of grinded groundnut
b. Beef (or any meat of your choice)
c. Sliced Uziza (false cubeb) and Oha (pterocarpus mildraedii) leaves (or use bitter leaves in place of them)
d. Periwinkle
e. Palm oil
f. Dried Fish
g. Crayfish
h. Salt
i. Pepper
j. Seasoning
k. Onions
l. Stockfish (optional)
m. Cow Skin – Kpomo (optional)

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1. Wash the beef (add little water if it’s a little bit dried), put it in your pot and put it on fire. Allow it to boil for 10 minutes depending on the size of the beef.
2. Wash the Kpomo (Cow skin), dried fish and stockfish and add to the beef.
3. Season with salt, pepper, onions and seasonings. Then steam till beef is tender.
4. Use a spoon to remove the beef, kpomo and fishes from the stock (simmered liquid) while it’s no fire.
5. Add water to the stock to your desired quantity.
6. Add palm oil and allow to boil for up to a minute or half a minute.
7. Add crayfish and periwinkle and allow to boil for up to 2 minutes.
8. Add groundnut to the soup and stir (stir continuously as you add the groundnut)
9. Allow to boil for some minutes.
10. Pour in the beef, kpomo and fishes.
11. Stir and taste.
12. Add more seasoning if not properly seasoned.
13. Add the sliced Uziza and Oha leaves.
14. Allow for a minute or less than two minutes.
15. Serve with Eba