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How to Make Meat Bread

meat bread

Recipe 1

a. Flour – 200g
b. Butter – 30g
c. Yeast – 1 teaspoon
d. Sugar – 1 table spoon
e. Water – 125ml
f. Salt – a pinch
g. Milk flavour – as desired
h. Nutmeg – as desired

Recipe 2

a. Meat – as desired
b. Curry – as desired
c. Thyme – as desired
d. Seasoning cube – as desired
e. Pepper – as desired
f. Carrot – as desired
g. Onions – as desired
h. Vegetable oil
i. Eggs

Procedure – Sauce

1. Per boil your meat and grate it
2. Chop your Carrot and Onions
3. On your heat source
4. Pour vegetable oil in your pot and put it on the heat source, then allow it to get hot (but not too hot)
5. Put your chopped carrot first to dice
6. Add onions and stir
7. Add your meat and stir
8. Add seasoning cube, curry, thyme (grinded), and add small water
9. Add salt, pepper, butter and mix/stir it after a little while
10. Get it off from the heat, keep it on a tray and allow to cool

Procedure – Baking

1. Mix your flour, butter, nutmeg, milk flavour, sugar, yeast and mix thoroughly
2. Add water and mix to form a dough
3. Put flour on the table and place the dough on it.
4. Kneed it to be soft and floppy
5. Add more flour on the table to prevent it from sticking
6. Cut with knife into portions
7. Use your rolling pin to dance on it – to flatten it/make it longer on the table
8. Line your sauce on the long-flattened dough
9. Break your eggs into a bowl and whisk it
10. Fold your dough round the sauce
11. Use your baking brush to egg-gum it and fold again
12. Cut to your desired choice of size
13. Put it on a baking pan
14. Egg-wash it
15. Bake
16. Serve