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How to Make Super Roll

super roll

Recipe 1

a. Flour – 200g
b. Butter – 100g
c. Milk Flavour – as desired
d. Water 4 table spoon
e. salt – a pinch
f. Nutmeg – as desired
g. Vegetable oil

Recipe 2

a. Meat
b. Irish potato
c. Onions
d. Spring onions
e. Green pepper
f. Carrot
g. Seasoning cube
h. Dark soy sauce
i. Egg
j. Ginger
k. Garlic
l. Thyme
m. Curry
n. hot dog
o. Soy sauce

Procedure – for sauce

1. Chop your onions
2. Chop your carrot and Irish potato
3. Prepare your ginger and garlic
4. Prepare and keep ready everything you want to use for cooking
5. Place your pan on your heat source
6. Pour vegetable oil in the pan
7. Add onions, ginger, garlic, salt, meat, and stir
8. Add water
9. Allow for about 2 minutes (depending on your heat source)
10. Add your butter and stir
11. Add soy sauce, green pepper,
12. Remove from your heat source and add boiled egg, hot dog and stir
12. Allow it to cool before using

Procedure – for baking

1. Sieve your flour
2. Add butter, salt, Nutmeg, milk flavour and mix very well
3. Add water and bring them together to form a dough
4. Take to the table
5. Cut into a long portion
6. Flatten with your rolling pin
7. Trim the edge
8. Insert the sauce
9. Fold it once
10. Egg gum it
11. Fold it again
12. Trim the edge
13. Place it on your baking pan
14. Egg wash it
15. Pre-heat your oven and Bake
16. Serve