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How to make Yoghurt



Required Items

a. 300g – Powdered milk
b. 4 litres – Water
c. 375g – Sugar
d. 10 table spoon – yoghurt (either bottled or in sachets)
e. 2 table spoon – vanilla or strawberry flavour
f. Wooden spoon


1. Boil water and allow to cool at room temperature in a covered container
2. Take one quarter of water (i.e 1 litre) and dissolve the milk in it (make sure it’s free of lumps)
3. Place the milk mixture on fire, use a wooden spoon to stir continuously (to avoid burning) then heat to approx. 75 degrees C (until you see steam coming out of the milk)
4. Pour the hot milk inside the remaining water
5. Add the yoghurt (starter culture)
6. Stir to allow even mixing
7. Pour the mixture into a covered container and allow it to set at the corner of your kitchen for about 12 – 18 hours.
8. Then the yoghurt is ready (the milk would have fermented)
9. Add sugar to the fermented milk and stir very well (make sure it is free of lumps)
10. Sieve through the muscling cloth or cheese cloth or a fine sieve
11. Add the flavour
12. Package and refrigerate.

The flow chart for the production of a homemade yoghurt is as follows:

Milk –> Boiling water (100 degrees C) –> Cooling water (to about 46 degrees) –> Reconstitution (milk and 1/4 water) –> Heating –> Adding of the remaining water –> Introduction of starter culture (yoghurt) –> Fermentation (i.e. leave for 12-18hours) –> Addition of sugar –> Mixing –> Sieving –> Packaging –> Yoghurt.