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How to pay and download/print NIN Slip in PDF from the NIMC app

Have you paid for the NIN Slip via the NIMC app but couldn’t download the PDF file containing your NIN Slip Card that can be printed?

Or this is your first time to access the app but don’t know what to do next?

Here is the solution to your problem. The cause of this malfunction is as a result of your device type. If you’re using lower androids (android 9 and lower or iphone 6 and lower), you may encounter these problems of no reflection of payment on your app and no way to download or print the NIN Slip.

The NIMC app doesn’t work efficiently on some devices. However, if you have paid, just don’t pay again, just follow these instructions to be able to download your NIN Slip in PDF format easily.

[For those who have paid but cannot download their NIN Slip, go straight to STEP 5 and follow the instructions there after.]

First, download the app if this is your first time and you’re yet to get the app.

Secondly, install the app on your phone. Now, let’s split everything in steps.

STEP 1. Open and Login to the app. After successful login, click on PRINT NIN SLIP.

STEP 2. Wait for the app to automatically enter your login details then click on LOGIN.

STEP 3. Click on PRINT PREMIUM SLIP on the next page that opens up after the login page.

STEP 4. Click on PAY WITH REMITA and follow the payment instructions. Now, once Remita pronounces your payment as SUCCESSFUL, you’ve paid, even if it is not displayed on your app that you’ve paid. If your device is a new version of iOS or android, the download button will show up and you can download straight from the app. However, if your payment is not reflecting, the next step will help you.

STEP 5. [For those who have paid but cannot access download button] Go to Home of your app (the first page when you login to the app) and click on SECURITY PIN.

STEP 6. On the SECURITY PIN page, click on the “Copy OTP” button to copy your “One Time PIN” (be fast before time runs out for each OTP which will expire and reset every 60 seconds) and write down your USER ID. Then click on the blue link Open this link in any of your web browsers (chrome, operamini, browser, UCBrowser, Firefox, etc.)

STEP 7. The Mobile and Web Services page will open up in your browser.

STEP 8. Enter the USER ID found on the SECURITY PIN page in the “User ID” bar. While you enter the “One Time PIN” found on the SECURITY PIN page in the “Mobile OTP” bar (if you clicked on the “Copy OTP” button at the SECURITY PIN page, just press and hold the cursor bar in the Mobile OTP bar and click on the popped up “Paste”) and click on the “Login” button.

STEP 9. On the next page that opens up, scroll down and click on “I HAVE ALREADY PAID [CHECK STATUS]” .

STEP 10. Click on “Download NIN Slip” and open with WPS, Phoenix browser or any other PDF reader app you have on your phone.

After successful download, you can go to your “File Manager” on your phone and check the downloaded PDF file. Now you can go and print it and use as your issued NIN ID Card.

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