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Required Chemicals

1. Chlorine or H.T.H (chemical label)
2. Soda ash
3. Caustic soda (sodium 1-Jydroxide)


1. Get twenty or thirty litres of water in a bucket.
2. Pour soda ash into the liquid and stir
3. Add chlorine and stir
4. Add caustic (two spoons) (but not compulsory)
5. Allow it to settle for 24 hours or three days.
6. Carefully pour out the sparkling pure top and leave the sediments (the sediments can be converted to other use, e.g. washing out stains from bathtub, toilets, buckets, etc.)


(1) There are two types of chlorine
a. Deans
b. Light
Deans makes the bleach look so pure and white It is therefore preferable.

a. Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide) can burn or destroy things by chemical reaction. Therefore, you must wear gloves, and put on eye protector before you start working. Also, you must keep it out of the reach of children.
b. Caustic Soda helps to give the bleach more power in order to speed up the cleaning effect. It is, however, not compulsory to add it. If you do not add it, it will still work.

You can use a set of bleach chemicals (measured out and sold in segments in stores where chemicals are sold) to produce thirty litres of bleach as you so wishes.