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Humans (not to be confused with Pure Humans) are beings created in pairs; male and female, from dust (similar to Yeshua on Planet Ahavah) to live on planet Earth in Olam-Chuphshah, created in the image of Ahavah as well as the Elders (appeared in The 24 Elders). They were given the Seed-of-Life as a tool to possess and own Olam-Chuphshah. In The First World and Second World humans’ nature were altered when the Nephilim and Fairies were introduced to be part of humans by the 24 Elders and Satan. This alteration caused humans to have differences in their blood type, groups, genes, etc. which amounted them to be separated into Fairies, Nephilim and Pure Humans. The 24 Elders introduced Nephilim through a connection between angels and humans. While Satan introduced Fairies through a connection between Vampires and humans. However, in The Last World, the Elders altered human races and languages which resulted into different skin colors and languages, in order not to repeat the same mistake that made them destroy The Second World.