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I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely. Hosea 14:4

We can be thankful that these words spoken by God long ago with reference to His chosen people Israel are equally applicable to us today. The fact that almighty God has been seeking us for nearly 6,000 years, when we are of little use to Him, must leave us with an impression of His love and mercy. What a wonderful God He must be to exercise such patience towards His creature man, who has only shown Him ingratitude and disobedience from the start! God promises to forgive all the sins with which man has dishonoured Him and of which the Bible convicts him.

In the first verse of the same chapter God shows us how this is possible: “Return unto the LORD thy God”. If we do not confess frankly before God that we are miserable sinners, incapable of saving ourselves in our own strength, then we are not making a complete return: we are trying to get away with a half-finished transaction. We must realize that we have no standing in the face of His glory unless we have accepted Jesus Christ, God’s beloved Son, whom He sacrificed for the guilt of our sins, as our Lord and Redeemer.

Grace is available only for such as return to God in this way, which is still open but will not remain so forever. Avail yourself of this offer today! God still seeks us today and promises to love us freely. Tomorrow it may be too late; act without delay, or you will regret your mistake throughout eternity.

Remember! There is no forgiveness after death but there are uncountable chances of forgiveness when you are still alive.