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LOVE – The love of God (Agape)

TEXT: 1st COR. 13


Love is the greatest weapon in the universe, 1st Cor. 13:1-13 is an exposition, defining the love of Christ. The richest, highest portable attainments in a church are useless without true Christian love. This is the attribute that God used to redeem man. John 3:16. In addition, God wants all of His children to possess this attributes, 2nd John 2:7-11.


  1. Love is more essential than the highest level of human oratory. 1st 13:1. No matter the beautiful language, exquisite illustrations, without love it is useless.
  2. Love is essential than prophecy. 1st 13:2. The Bible is full of prophecies but combined they are not as great as love. Prophecy is excellent but useless without love.
  3. Love is more essential than mysteries. 1st 13:2. This includes the whole of unknown e.g. Trinity, Incarnation, Election, Destiny, etc. they are useless without love.
  4. Love is more essential than knowledge. 1st 13:2. One can go to school-Universities & acquire all knowledge but without the love of God, it is useless.
  5. Love is more essential than faith. 1st 13:2. Faith as a mustard seed without love is useless.


  1. God gave His only Begotten Son to the world by His generous love. John 3:16; 1stJohn 3:1-3, 13-18.
  2. Christ lay down His life for our salvation because of His love towards us. John 15:12-14, 1stJohn 4:7-12.
  3. We must surrender our life to Christ because we reciprocate His love. John 14:15, 23-24.
  4. The utmost possible sacrifices of our property to God are useless without real love. 1st 13:3.
  5. If we do not show generosity in giving correct Tithes then we are robbers. Mal. 3:8-11


  1. Love is able to suffer without regret. 1st 13:4a
  2. Jesus suffered at Calvary due to his love for us. Matt. 27:33-43; 1stPeter 2:21-24.
  3. Steven suffered martyrdom for the sake of Christ. Acts 7:47-60.
  4. Paul was killed for the course of the Gospel. 2nd 4:6-8.
  5. It is imperative that every Christian must bear His cross. Matt. 10:38; 1st 13:4-7. Luke 9:57-62. As a follower of Christ, never turn back.

LOVE IS ETERNAL (1ST COR. 13:8b-12):

  1. Love will outlive prophecy. Prophecies will fail.
  2. Love will outlive tongues. Tongues too will cease one day.
  3. Love will outlive knowledge. Knowledge shall vanish away.
  4. Other gifts of The Holy Spirit bestowed on us today shall vanish away but love abides.
  5. Love is the fulfillment of the laws of God. Matt. 22:35-40.


There are a lot of problems within Christendom today because the love of God has not been given its proper place. It is only when Christians face persecution that they realize that they are one fold and one shepherd. However this attribute of The Almighty is necessary for our victory and prosperity. The great question is, “why are the nations of the world phasing out God, peace and prosperity and phasing in Satan, Rebellion, poverty and hatred?” It is obligatory for every child of God to preach the love of God and Christ to the dying world. Mk. 16:15-16; Matt. 28:18-20; Jn. 15:16-17.