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Lucifer (pronounced loo-sifah‘ – appeared in The 24 Elders) is the leader of the 12 Archangels in Shamayim. He was anointed and tagged “Lucifer; The Eyes of Holy Father” by the 24 Elders. Lucifer lived on Earth when he was still on the side of Shamayim. When he fell to Olam-Chuphshah, he lived in planet Oukhah. The 24 Elders was above him in authority. Lucifer turns into a very big Dragon having two wings during worship hour in Shamayim as his glorious form. In his human-like form, he has the appearance of an Asian. Lucifer was not happy with his role as an ordinary Archangel so he started a campaign to rule over all life. Unknowingly to him, his Archangel brothers were not in his support and so he fought against them which resulted to his fall. Michael; his brother, named him “Satan” and after a terrible evil he did to humans, the Elders named him “The Devil”.