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Making a garment

When patterns’ markings have been transferred, the paper patterns are removed from each piece as the garment is ready to be assembled. The following steps should be followed.

i. Fix all together before tacking.
ii. Tack together each part of the garment, for example, the bodice. Then fix garment side seams and hem.
iii. Fix the main parts together, that is, the smaller parts to the larger; sleeves to bodice and bodice to skirt.

This method of assembling a garment is suitable for any style, but particularly those with a waist seam. This method is the round method.


The flat method

i. Join shoulder seams so that the work is flat to do the neckline.
ii. Complete the neck edge.
iii. Set in the sleeves.
iv. Join the side seams.
v. Finish edges of sleeves and skirt hem.

This method is suitable for garments which are made in one piece from shoulder to hem.