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“the son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost”. Lk. 19:10.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the son of man. He is the eternal son of God who because of the purpose of saving man He took upon Him the human flesh. Jn. 1:14. He is the suffering saviour, who was buffeted, reviled, maliciously dealt with. He finally died but resurrected the third day. IPet. 2:24, Rev. 1:18. 

The story of Zachaeus pictured out the mission of Jesus as the Saviour of the world. The Bible declares that our fore – father Adam fell from the state God kept him. As a result it brought about sin, suffering, sicknesses and death. Since then man tried his efforts to find solution to those problems but could not.

a. SIN: – Sacrifices of various kinds were offered with goats, sheep, asses, oxen etc but of no avail. At the final analysis the Lord Jesus Christ became the lasting solution for human sins. Matt. 1:21, Jn. 1:29.

b. SUFFERINGS:- Human beings suffered in different magnitude which are unspeakable. For instance here Africa human beings were bought and sold as slaves under unbelievable condition of sufferings. A woman who eventually delivered twin babies were sent forcefully from their homes to the evil forest to appease the gods etc. These conditions continued until Jesus came to be light of this world in reality and caused these things to stop. IPet. 2:21, Jn. 8:12, 36

There are four main reasons why the son of man came:

a. He came to be light of this world. Isa. 9:2, 6, Jn. 8:12. The world had been full of darkness but Christ has come to be the only light shining in the world of darkness. No more killing of twin babies for the people that walked in darkness have seen a great light. Be informed that Christianity is civilizations only uplifting force in the world today, as the truth is in Jesus. Jn. 14:6, Eph. 4:21. History called Him the greatest Teacher. 

b. To save people from sin. Matt. 1:21, IJn. 3:5. It is a great fact that so many criminals, wicked poisoners, or dent killers, heatless hooligans have been able to live ordinary life after their conduct with Jesus. He is the world divine life transformer. The only saviour and Lord of mankind. Are you saved? Accept Him now and be saved.

c. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. IJn. 3:3 We were under the power of satan the devil. But Christ has redeemed us. At this point we no more sacrifice animals and humans beings to Idols and deities rather the sacrifice of Christ has set us free. The blood of Jesus fight for us every day and we do overcome the devil by the blood of the lamp. Rev. 12:11.

d. To give everlasting life to mankind. Jn. 10:27-28, Rev. 21:4-7. The sin of Adam has separated mankind from God. This sin passed on to every human being and the wages of sin is death. Jesus has come to open the life gate that all may go into it. Rom. 6:23.

The responsibilities of mankind today are outlined to be in two folds.

a. God has given the first responsibility of mankind to be that any human being who need eternal life must receive His son Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. Jn. 3:18. And when the son come into the life of man or woman, there must be a drastic change in that person’s life style. IICor. 5:17. It is this change that will indicate that the person is a Christian or true believer. Acts 11:26.

b. The second responsibility is that of soul winning. Jn.15:16. When a tree is planted or crop, the planter expect the crop to bear fruit. It is the fruit – bearing that benefit the master of the vineyard. Jesus said that the purpose of His calling us is that we should go out and convert souls who will remain for our reward. Jn. 15:16.

Conclusion: Having known the purpose of the coming of the Son of man and His mission, it is our privilege to take up upon ourselves the true responsibilities in this generation. This is to reach out the message of salvation to as many as possible. Mk. 16:15. Jesus said, “I must work the works of Him that sent me, why it is day for night cometh when no man can work”. Jn. 9:4.