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TEXT: MATTHEW 10:32-33 “Who so ever shall confess me before men……”


We must give thanks to God Almighty for given us this opportunity to meet in this forum of the Choir and Prayer Band. I appreciate the Area council for this meeting. I also thank every person who has come to participate in this program. May God bless every one of us abundantly in Jesus precious Name! Amen.

God is interested in praises and the joy of the Lord is our strength. There were great men and women –choristers of God who sang for the glory of God and to achieve the purposes of God in their times. For instance Moses in Exo. 15:1, Joshua and his choristers sang and the wall of Jericho fell. Josh. 6:20, David organized choristers of 4000 members as far as 1000 BC, 1st Chronicles 23:5, Jesus was a choir master, Matt. 26:30-32. And Paul and Silas were strong choristers who sang for the purpose of soul winning; Acts 16:25.

In respect of prayer we have great men of prayer who prayed with understanding and with a focus and their prayers were accompanied with signs and miracles in their generation-Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Daniel, Jesus, Paul and Silas.


To obey what you are told to do. Abraham is a good example, when he was called by God, he obeyed and left his country; Gen. 12:1, he paid his tithes; Gen. 14:18-20, he obeyed to offer his son Isaac; Gen. 22:1-18, he obeyed to send away his son Ishmael. Isaac obeyed and surrendered his life; Gen 22:9. Jesus obeyed unto death; Phil. 2:6-8. The problem is how many are ready to obey God in our own generation.


The choir group is that organ of the church which does study songs and present their rendition in church services. However, we are saying that the choir has much to do unto God than mere singing music notation. This is a youth organization, which must be in the Evangelical movement to witness Christ and win souls into Gods kingdom-constitutionally. It is constitutional in every doctrine that all the youths be in Evangelical movement to confess Christ; Rom. 10:9.


This is that arm of the church, which has their main activity as to pray. Their prayer should be in accordance to The Apostolic principle and practice. That all prayer team members should automatically be members of the Witness/Evangelical movement and their prayer be geared towards confession of Christ and winning of souls into the kingdom of God. Matt. 10:32.


Let us realize that in this generation, God has given unto us the great commission which is to share the gospel with as many as we can reach; Mk. 16:15-16. This is our main responsibility and any program organized within the church fold and is not Salvation orientated is out of place. It is not only the two organs above but let the presbytery, officers and members of every christian fold be informed that God wants us to obey Him in confession of Christ to this generation. May God bless you abundantly as you hear and obey; John 15:16.