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The Book of St. Luke chapter 19, convey five lively messages

(1) the conversion of Zaccheus,
(2) The parable of the Ten Pounds,
(3) the triumphal Entry
(4) Jesus weeping over Jerusalem
(5) The cleansing of the Temple.

Definition of the message: The Master wants His servants to trade with the Amount released unto them so that when He will return from His far Journey, He will get some interests.

Division of the message:

We shall share the message into there categories – Occupy till I come
The faithful servants Lk. 19: 16 – 19
(B) The Unfaithful servant Lk. 19:20 – 24
(C) The Enemies of progress Lk. 19: 27


(i) The faithful servants obeyed the wish of the. Master by trading. They maintained the quality of products that attract attention of their customers. Lk. 19: 16-19, The Gospel is a quality product that appreciates every day. Matt. 13:45 – 46. Every true believer must be involved in the Gospel Business which can not depreciates.
(ii) The faithful servants took time for wider publicity and advertisement. The colourful communication help the customers to be aware of the quality products in the market and their need to posses them. The church today has lost the salt of true evangelism. All their activities are based in the house from January to December. They have no time to go out for open air service, morning, afternoon, evening call or crusade. How can we get new members into the church and to expand the Kingdom Mk. 16:15, JN 15:16.
(iii) The faithful servants possess the Business Acumen. This is the wisdom, tact and capability to accelerate the speed of turn-over and maximize benefits bearing in mind that they will surely present a good account to the master without disappointment they were serious and refused to be lazy and neglectful.

How many Christians today are willing to make maximum utilization of their God-given potentials for the advancement of the gospel The early Christians donated their landed property-today we find it difficult to give our tithes, our talents, etc. Acts 4: 34 – 37.

(iv) The faithful servant’s behaviour and love afford them to retain customers. Today a lot of our church members behaviour drive away members from the church. Mtt. 3:8.


(i) The unfaithful servant was given the same amount of money given to others. LK. 19:13
(ii) The unfaithful servant was lazy and neglectful who refused to invest.
(iii) The unfaithful servant was wicked full of unnecessary complain and evil excuses.
(iv) This is the picture of Judas and hypocrites in the church today who always betray Christ. Matt. 26: 23 -25.


(i)  The enemies of progress are unbelievers who fight against the church.
(ii) They are full of jealousy, malice and pose open challenges to the church of Christ.
(iii) Their part shall be in the lake of fire when Jesus comes again. Rev. 21: 8.

Let us rise up and work, doing our best concerning the church responsibilities because the night shall come when no man can work. John 9:4

Above all, the day of our reckoning is drawing nearer as the second coming of Christ is very close and every person shall give account of himself before Christ. Rom. 14:12.