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Population Growth and Food Supply

A lot of fear has been expressed about the growth of the human population, especially in these days of improved health facilities, medicines for almost all diseases, vaccination and artificial insemination. Recently, scientists are even toying with the idea of cloning man, a process which virtually means ‘manufacturing man’ in the laboratory.

Malthus was the greatest exponent of the dangers of population explosion. He argued that since the earth’s surface where man can inhabit is limited, with the present rate of population growth, there would come a time the earth could not contain all the people alive worldwide, and they would fight, kill and eat one another. Even before that time was reached, Malthus argued, there would be so much ecological disasters from human waste, pollution and lack of food, that living would become impossible.

Reproduction and population growth

Effects of food storage

Governments and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the struggle for food self-sufficiency