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Problems of Agricultural Development in Nigeria

The low level of agricultural production in the country over the years, has been solely responsible for the acute shortage of agricultural produce, coupled with high prices of the available produce meant to be purchased by consumers for their needs. The low level of living of the populace remains a problem that has to be solved through formulation of effective policies and their implementation by the government, to boost agricultural production. This apart, agriculture remains the key sector which accounts for the employment of over 70% per cent of the populace in the country.

The problems of agricultural development in Nigeria, as a matter of fact, have hampered the pace of development. There is urgent need to tackle the problems in order to boost the level of agricultural production in the country. The role of government in the development of agriculture in Nigeria include; provision of credit facilities, extension services, rehabilitation of roads, land, building of modern storage facilities, establishment of marketing boards, increase cultivation of crops and formulation and implementation of agricultural policies.