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Repair of Clothes

‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is a good proverb. The garment is preserved if a repair is made or carried out immediately. However, if not made early enough, complications will arise. Wearing, washing and ironing will quickly enlarge a tiny slit into a lengthy tear and a thin hole into an extensive one.


The three Rs in clothing and textile means:
– Repairs,
– Reconstruction or Remodelling, and
– Renovation

A. Reconstruction is reducing or increasing either the length or width of a ready made cloth to fit an individual. For example, it could be that either the bodice is too long or the hip is wide or tight.
Remodelling also is a reconstruction work. It involves changing or remaking an out of fashion garment into a garment in line with the current fashion.

B. Repairs refer to mending of old, badly worn and torn clothes into what can be used again. For example, holes on clothes and bad zippers.

C. Renovation is making new things out of old garments. For instance, making a baby’s clothes out of a mother’s old clothes and a boy’s shorts out of a mother’s or father’s clothes.