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Respond to your instinct

Always respond to your instinct especially the one from your heart when it comes to a lifetime decision.

If your heart wants you to give up on something and do something else, do it even though everybody advises you not to.

If you’re in school, working, doing whatever and your heart is troubled, please follow your heart. If you delay your heart from doing something it may give up and for your lifetime you may not achieve your original purpose in life.

The thing is, you need to quit and follow your heart so that your life can serve as an encouragement to people of your type in the future (Have a story to tell)…

Everything (technology, infrastructure, advancement, etc.) you see around you is as a result of people who followed their heart.

Read the history of some great world inventors, almost all of them quit at something and followed their heart. They wouldn’t have been whatever they became if they never followed their heart.

Follow your heart and free yourself.

Good luck!