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Roles of Father and Mother

For a husband and wife to become good parents, they have to be properly and legally married in the tradition and culture of the community they belong. Failure to do this, could lead to their children not being legally recognised. When legally and properly married, they are expected to play certain roles. These are stated as follows:

1. They should be mature enough to face the problems of childbearing. The man should have the financial means to enable him to clothe, feed, shelter, protect and secure his family. He should be able to give his love, attention and affection to his wife and children. The wife on her part should be able to manage the home properly. She should be able to effectively utilise the family money in her control and also work together with her husband to raise responsible children. She should ensure that everyone in the family is happy and satisfied.

2. Parents should ensure that they educate their children and bring them up to be trustworthy citizens. They should also exercise a commendable degree of restriction and control over their children whenever they become mischievous. Parents should exude good qualities for their children to imitate; they need to be responsible, respectful and generally well-behaved.

3. The family should be one happy unit, made up of a man, a woman and children, having a good relationship. For a successful relationship in the family, parents need love and care, freedom of movement, jobs and activities that give them satisfaction, respect for other people, etc.

4. They should avoid the following as much as possible when their children are with them: quarrelling and fighting, telling lies in order to defend others, smoking and drinking excessively, showing they like or love one child more than the other, saying nasty things about each other, etc.

Mother care
Mother care is the period in which a woman needs great care and attention on the confirmation of her pregnancy. During this period, she needs special diet, plenty of rest, sleep and exercises in order to be healthy.